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Pending Design Patents

Sevens Crown Hat U.S. Design Patent Application No.: 29/924,344

Sevens Crown Hat's Statement on Counterfeit Products

As the original creators of the first 100% silicone bucket hat, Sevens Crown Hat has carved out a distinctive niche in the hat market. We hold global intellectual property rights for this novel design. Despite our success, we have observed a rising trend in the production of counterfeit versions of our products internationally.

At Sevens Crown Hat, we are committed to the highest standards of safety and quality. Our bucket hats are crafted solely from 100% silicone, ensuring they are free from harmful substances like BPA, BPS, PVC, latex, and phthalates. We also subject our products to stringent third-party testing, and they are certified by both the FDA and CPSC, guaranteeing compliance with top safety norms.

Be aware that if a product lacks the Sevens Crown Hat branding, it's likely not manufactured by us and may not meet our safety and regulatory standards, potentially infringing on our intellectual property. Sevens Crown Hat products are available exclusively via authorized outlets.

To safeguard against fakes, we advise:

  • Making purchases directly through our verified retailers or on our official website.
  • Avoiding websites that appear dubious or poorly constructed, particularly those offering implausible discounts or urgent sales.
  • Validating the credibility of sellers through their 'about us' and 'contact us' sections and their social media activity.

We depend on our community to assist in identifying and reporting counterfeit Sevens Crown Hats. Should you come across any suspicious sites purporting to sell our products, please report them to hello@sevenscrown.com.

Your efforts in fighting against counterfeit products are invaluable in protecting consumers and upholding our brand's quality and integrity. We deeply appreciate your continued support and alertness.