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About Us

It all began on a sunny day at the beach with my kids. They were all wearing traditional bucket hats, but within minutes, those hats became wet and uncomfortable. My kids didn't want to wear soggy hats at the beach. That's when an idea struck me – what if these hats were made of silicone? I could easily wipe them dry and reuse them.

But the innovation didn't stop there. One of my children started using the bucket hat as an impromptu sand bucket because regular plastic buckets were too bulky to carry around. The problem was, it left sand in our laundry for days after washing. That wasn't the only issue. They also tried to fill the bucket hats with water for their beach water toys, only to discover that the hats couldn't hold water. This dual realization sparked my curiosity, and I went online to find silicone hats. To my surprise, the only options available were silicone swimmer's caps.

Fast forward six months, and I couldn't shake off the idea. I decided to embark on a deep dive search to bring this concept to life. That's when Sevens Crown Hats was born – the original silicone bucket hat that can also transform into a bucket.

Our story is one of solving everyday problems with innovative solutions. It all started with a simple beach day and a mess, leading to the birth of a unique and practical product that combines fashion and functionality.